Our Mission

Safeguarding individual liberty and the Constitution by equipping the North Carolina public defense community with the resources it needs to achieve fair and just outcomes for clients

Our Goals

  • Recruit the best and brightest North Carolina attorneys to represent indigent clients
  • Ensure that every attorney representing indigent clients has the qualifications, training, support, resources, and consultation services they need to be effective advocates
  • Create a system that will eliminate the many recognized problems and conflicts caused by judges appointing and compensating public defense attorneys; and to manage the state’s indigent defense fund in a more efficient and equitable manner
Important Announcement

The IDS Commission is seeking the next Executive Director for IDS. If you have a vision for public defense in North Carolina and want to work with great people to turn that vision into reality, apply here.

IDS Resource Card
Uniform Indigent Appointment Plan and Related Information

Uniform Appointment Plan Conversation:


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Thomas K. Maher
Executive Director

Whitney B. Fairbanks
Interim Executive Director
Eff. March 2, 2020