Public Defenders

Public Defenders are full-time, state-paid attorneys whose function is to represent indigent criminal defendants and indigent respondents in civil cases in which there is a right to counsel. If a defendant cannot afford an attorney and is accused of a crime that could result in imprisonment, the defendant is eligible for the services of a lawyer at state expense. If the defendant is found guilty, he or she must pay back the money spent on his or her defense. Sixteen districts in the state have Public Defenders.

If you are interested in an Assistant Public Defender position, please check the job opportunities link on the main IDS page or contact the head of the Public Defender office directly.

If you are employed in a public defender office or other defender office funded by IDS, and need to access Human Resources assistance or policies, including AOC's unlawful workplace harassment policy, please go to the AOC Intranet at (This link will not work unless you are using a computer that is connected to the AOC network.)

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