County-by-County Non-Capital Case and Cost Data


In anticipation of the RFP process, a number of attorneys around the State have requested county-specific data on indigent cases and costs. Please note that attorneys should not submit any contract proposals until IDS has issued final RFPs. However, we have developed the case and cost data that some of you have requested.


Click on the appropriate Judicial Division link below to access non-capital county-by-county data on indigent cases involving private assigned counsel and the associated costs.  The data will appear in a series of Excel spreadsheets.  The first tab for each Judicial Division contains data on IDS’ current contracts throughout the State for fiscal years 2011 and 2012.  You will then see separate tabs with data for each county within the Division.  If you want to save the spreadsheets to your computer, select “save as” and then save them to the desired location.  If you want to print the spreadsheets, they must be printed on legal size paper.


Each county spreadsheet contains the most recent three years of complete data—fiscal years 2008, 2009, and 2010.  Fiscal year 2011 data is not yet complete and cannot be made available at this time.  We have provided three years of data so that you can see if there is any significant fluctuation in the volume or type of indigent cases and costs over time.  If you do not see data in a particular county for a particular type of case, there were no expenditures on that type of case.


For fiscal year 2010, the spreadsheets also display the number of attorneys who handled the cases in that county by case type.  The final column adjusts the fiscal year 2010 cost data for the May 2011 reductions in the hourly rates.  Where applicable, county specific non-capital investigator costs are displayed in the last row of the spreadsheet; if that line item is not displayed in your county, there were no non-capital investigator expenditures.  Other non-capital expert costs are not included.

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