Forms for Trial Attorneys

Appeal Notification Form (IDS-030)
2019 Changes Quick Reference Guide
Fillable Petition to Sue/Appeal as an Indigent (AOC-G-106)
How to Appeal
Notice of Appeal-Adjudication and Disposition Order
Notice of Appeal-Order Changing Custody
Notice of Appeal-Order Changing Custody and Civil Custody Order
Notice of Appeal-Termination of Parental Rights
Notice of Appeal - Order Eliminating Reunification (no TPR)
Notice of Appeal - Order Eliminating Reunification (with TPR)
Notice to Preserve Right to Appeal Order Eliminating Reunification
Withdrawal of Appeal - Improper Party
Withdrawal of Appeal - No Client Signature
Withdrawal of Appeal - Non-Appealable
Withdrawal of Appeal - Notice Untimely
Adjudication Checklist
TPR Checklist
Motion for Order of Contempt
Wake County-Motion for Order to Show Cause
Wake County-Order to Show Cause
Fillable Subpoena (AOC-G-100)
Motion and Order for Discovery
Motion and Order for Deposition Costs
Deposition Notice
Discovery Order
Application and Order for Defense Expert Witness Funding (AOC-G-309)
Defense Petition for Expert Hourly Rate Deviation (AOC-G-310)
Fillable Subpoena (AOC-G-100)
Memo on Ex Parte Motions for Experts in AND cases
Ex Parte Motion for Funds for Medical Expert
Motion for Funds for Social Work Expert
Fillable Motion for Review (AOC-J-140)
Fillable Notice of Hearing in Juvenile Proceeding (AOC-J-141)
Memo on Interpretation and Translation Services
DSS Manual Excerpt
ICPC Order
ICPC Order-Priority Placement
Motion and Order for Remote Testimony
Motion for Extension
Motion for Family Day Visit
Motion for Rule 4 Service
Motion for Visits and Case Plan for Incarcerated Parents
Motion in Limine
Motion to Dismiss 12(b)(6)
Motion to Quash
Motion to Recuse
Motion to Re-Open the Evidence
DSS to Chapter 50 Order
Parent Reports
Parent Report Example 1
Parent Report Example 2
Parent Report Example 3
Parent Report Example 4
Response to DSS Report
Cover Letter for filing DSS 6246
DSS 6246
Witnesses (See also Experts)
Fillable Subpoena (AOC-G-100)