Reminders for Experts and Investigators in Non-Capital Criminal and Non-Criminal Cases

In recent months, IDS has had to return a large number of expert and investigator invoices due to incomplete information. Please remember the following:
With the exception of some very specific types of services (such as flat fees for medical or lab testing or polygraph services), IDS requires a valid form AOC-G-309 ("Application and Order for Defense Expert Witness Funding in Non-Capital and Non-Criminal Cases at the Trial Level") authorizing expert or investigative services, which must include the attorney's signature in Section I., a specific dollar amount and a judge's signature in Section II., and the expert's signature in Section IV.
Experts must complete the worksheet in Section IV. of the G-309 form and attach an itemized invoice with the expert's time broken down according to date, description of services, and amount of time in tenths of an hour. IDS will pay the specified hourly rate on the form by type of expert/education level.
If IDS receives an invoice that exceeds the amount that was pre-approved by the Court, we will only pay the amount allowed.
If the amount approved on the G-309 form is an additional amount (i.e., the Court previously authorized funds on a separate G-309 form), the attorney should indicate the amount of the prior authorization in the field labeled "Prior Total Funds Approved For This Expert" in Section I. of the form. If it is the first authorization, that field should be left blank.
Effective November 1, 2017, IDS reimburses travel at $.50 per mile.
While IDS does not have specific rules on the frequency of expert billing in non-capital and non-criminal cases, we ask that experts bill no more than once per month if there is ongoing work to be done. Please indicate on the invoice whether there is ongoing work or if it is a final invoice.
IDS generally does not require a copy of the original motion to the Court requesting funds but the attorney should have that available if needed.
IDS processes non-capital expert invoices from its Raleigh office. Those invoices (including all required attachments) can be:
a. Mailed to IDS Financial Services at P.O. Box 2448, Raleigh, NC 27602;
b. Faxed to 919-890-1922; or
c. Emailed to
9. Absent cash flow constraints, experts should expect payment within two weeks of receipt of a complete billing. We generally process expert invoices once each week.
10. If you are a state employee, we issue payment to your primary employer and the extra pay is included in your regular pay check. That process usually takes a couple of weeks.