During the week of June 1 we will be issuing payments on Monday June 1, Wednesday June 3 and Friday June 5th and paying fee applications received in our Raleigh office from Clerks offices around the state between approximately May 27th and June 1st. We hope to finish paying capital related fee applications received through May 1. Our check schedule will be M/W/F through June 26th when we will have a brief break as we transition to a new fiscal year.

Covid-19 Related Billing Information
  • New! IDS can reimburse you for teleconferencing and email charges related to the Public Health Emergency Please use the form below?if you have questions, contact Elisa.Wolper@nccourts.org
    Reimbursement for Teleconferencing Costs
  • If you have any questions about payments or any updates on the indigent defense situation in your county, please contact IDS fiscal officer Elisa.Wolper@nccourts.org
  • If you have not yet signed up for electronic deposit, please do so. That helps our staff minimize time in the office handling physical checks and lessens risk of delayed mail.
  • Experts who are appointed by the court (eg noncapital cases) should submit their invoices by email to Judicial.Ids.Experts@nccourts.org rather than fax or mail, if at all possible.
  • Rather than returning fee applications with missing info or questions, we will try to email you. However, if there are missing signatures or incorrect rates we will have to return via the Clerks office.
  • Helpful information for appointed counsel & experts
Covid-19 Related Financial Assistance
IDS is trying to share any information from other entities that might assist attorneys and their staff during this emergency. Below is a link to the Small Business Association Payroll Protection Plan which may be of interest.
  • NC COVID-19 Rapid Recovery for Small Businesses
  • Paycheck Protection Program
  • As of Friday April 24th, the NC Employment Security Commission is accepting unemployment claims under the federal CARES act for self-employed and independent contractors, based on the inability to work either because of direct impact of the COVID-19 virus or because your usual place of work is closed. More information on how to apply is in this link

COVID-19 Legal Resources / Webinars